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Pertamina Indonesia: a government company owned by the Indonesian government and is the largest company in the Republic of Indonesia and one of the largest international oil companies specialized in the production of oil and grease.

 Pertamina has a long history in the production of oil and grease since the sixties and has many factories in Indonesia and the company has received the ISO certificate from early. Pertamina oil and lubricants produced high quality and the latest production methods and accurate testing laboratories owned by the company and in line with technological developments Modern and also conforms to the international specifications. The main characteristic of Pertamina products for many other oils and greases is the selection of virgin foundation oil and excellent additives for the manufacture of synthetic oils or mineral oils which contribute to the maintenance of engines and Equipment for a very long life, which contributed to the confidence of the company’s products in the international bodies specialized in the field and the major manufacturers of cars, trucks, generators and turbines, which recommends the use of oils Pertamina in their engines, including but not limited to


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