AL-HADHA GROUP Is Presently one of the leading family business enterprises in the country .its modest origin was a small merchandising store founded by the late Hussein Qassim AL-Hadha in 1940, trading in some basic commodities on a small scale from Aden , then the only market outpost for international trade linkage between Yemen and the rest of the world . Commencing at that early stage, the late Hussein Qassim Al-hadha instilled the spirit of cooperation among his sons who presently manage and operate the business.

Persistent conviction for hard work and learning from experience even in the absence of vital infrastructure, such as road networks and means of communication, allowed the business to grow in volume& geographical areas in the region formally known as Yemen Arab republic.

The present Al- HADA GROUP has resulted from improving financial from growth in their trading activities, the entrepreneurial acumen to identify new market opportunities and the timely undertaking of investment in business end, the changing and fast growing domestic market environment.

Recognizing the dynamism and challenging needs of growth for nascent economy in Yemen , and coping with the ever-changing market environment influenced by variables like consumer growing affluence, changing tastes, preferences and habits that affect market demand The Groups management has embarked on continued research of ways and means to face such challenges through improvisation, expansion and diversification of business activities